Reasons for Choosing YONO Hair Transplant Center

We are a leading hair transplant center; we believe that our dedication and commitment to developing new hair transplant techniques, achieving high caliber hair restoration results and providing the best comfort and convenience to our patients is at the heart of our success.

We are a leading expert in hair restoration for the following reasons:

  • Our Hair Transplant Results are fabulous in the sector. We follow up the procedures and show a close up of the hairline for patients that had their hairline restored.
  • We offer comprehensive techniques for hair restoration, ranging from the internationally cognized approaches to featured ones in local sites.  
  • Our hair transplant team consists of certified surgeons and highly specialized technicians. Our patients come from all over the world.
  • We have vast experience in hair loss problems, treatments, hair transplant surgery, and related hair and scalp disorders, which gives us a unique perspective on the social, professional and personal dimensions of hair restoration surgery and patient needs.
  • Our pricing is competitive and ensures you the cost-effective results.
  • We are committed to treating each and every patient individually taking into consideration their needs and aspirations.
Hair loss doesn't have to be something embarrassing. There are hair loss solutions out there you can turn to Yono Hair Transplant.
Our hair loss solutions help answer to the need for those suffering from genetics, to those who may lose their hair due to medical conditions and treatments. Find out about all the best hair loss solutions, including all the information you need about getting a hair transplant.
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