FUT is a hair restoration technique where a patient's hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, namely follicular units. In Follicular Unit Transplantation, these small units allow the surgeon to safely transplant thousands of grafts in a single session, which maximizes the cosmetic impact of the procedure. It is featured in:
  • Minimizing trauma to the scalp.
  • Maximizing hair transplant growth.
  • Ensuring the naturalness of hair transplant.
  • Ease of surgical planning.

FUE is one of two primary methods of obtaining follicular units for hair transplantation. Since its first description in 1988, the technique has evolved a lot and the tools used for this approach have increased in complexity. It is an alternative to FUT when the scalp is too tight for a strip excision and enables a hair transplant surgeon to harvest finer hair from the nape of the neck to be used at the hairline or for eyebrows. It is featured in:
  • No cut and stitches on the extraction area. Scars are quite small on the extraction area which will be vanished in a couple of days and heal without any trace.
  • Less pain after FUE operation and the short recovery period are among the reasons to prefer this method.
  • Very good results and natural look can be achieved.

U-FUE is an approach with 'Secret' treatment that harvests hair without cutting it and implants the follicles without shaving the area first. As the name suggests, the main difference between a normal FUE Hair Transplant Procedure (FUE) and an Unshaven FUE Procedure (U-FUE) is that you don't have to shave your head, or any part of your hair, before the procedure. The donor hair is extracted at full length.

PTT is an innovative Chinese Hair Transplantation technique combined with FUE technique. It has been proved by dramatic practices. It is featured in:

  • Aiding by the-state-of-art tool that allows the precise application of the latest operation and maximizes the utilization of the hair follicle as well as reduces trauma to the scalp.
  • Considering the direction of hair growth that greatly improves the look and the density of hair growth.
  • Taking follicles from the occipital areas that is superior over traditional follicles suture methods.
S.H.T represents a technical improvement in the field based on the FUE. The novel surgical approach ever developed by our center will more profoundly benefit patients undergoing modern hair transplantation. It is featured in:
  • This surgical approach is safe for patients.
  • There is no visual evidence of scarring in the donor area from which the hair follicles are harvested.
  • The survival of the transplanted hair follicles harvested by this novel technique is as good if not better than the current methods of hair follicle harvesting: follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the traditional strip harvest (FUT).

Such as PDT (Precise Density Transplantation), punch grafts, mini-grafts, micro-grafts, slit grafts and strip grafts for a more modest change in hair fullness, or flaps, tissue-expansion and scalp-reduction for a more dramatic change.

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